TAGS - Signs on the wall !!

Dokumentation of " Zeitgeist " found on Berlin Neukölln walls in the streets - showing the heart and the problems the inhabitants and guests of this City left every day and night - written or painted on the walls .

There is to be seen a variety of oppinions, social Statements - for example political themes as gentrification protest and anticapitalistic paroles - Agitation from right to left wings of politic parties or simply alccoholic soaked fun .

You can find specific Areas where somebody plants green stuff ,  plants the trees or paintings on the pavement .

It is a special aesthetic that is around  all those effort to give that Concrete Jungle a coulored look .


Since the early eighties last century  - there is that PunkArt visible up to nowerdays fullness .

Then it was strictly forbidden to decorate the spaces at all and lots of effort was done to hinder the peoples creativity .

Today nobody seems to care - everyone feels free to join in that movement .


Nice to see and nice coulorfull City  !!